SB@NL2014 Programme


The overarching theme of this year’s systems biology symposium is: Tackling Complexity through Data Integration.
The programme consists of seven sessions, each covering an area within the wide field of systems biology.
All presentations will be plenary – no parallel sessions are programmed.
Sessions will feature one keynote by an international, invited speaker, one presentation by a senior scientist from the region NL/BE/LU/DE, and then two presentations by more junior scientists. These latter presentations will be selected from submitted abstracts.
The following sessions are programmed:

  1. Systems and personalised medicine
  2. Network biology
  3. Bioinformatics
  4. Integrating data in the life sciences
  5. Responsible research and innovation in systems biology (ERASysAPP)
  6. Systems biology of microbial cells
  7. Systems biology of multicellular organisms

The online symposium programme

The most recent PDF version of the symposium programme is available below. The programme will be regularly updated after speakers have accepted their invitation, Whenever a new version is published, the previous version will be removed.

Current programme version:
SB@NL2014 programme (version dd 20141210v12)

Previously published versions:
SB@NL2014 programme (version dd 20140728v5)
SB@NL2014 programme (version dd 20140825v6)
SB@NL2014 programme (version dd 20140915v7)
SB@NL2014 programme (version dd 20141110v8)
SB@NL2014 programme (version dd 20141120v9)
SB@NL2014 programme (version dd 20141203v10)
SB@NL2014 programme (version dd 20141204v11)

Abstracts, poster presentations, and selection of oral/flash presentations

Review & selection. The instructions for online abstract submission can be found at the registration page. The submission deadline is set for Monday 2014 November 24. The symposium committee members will review the submitted abstracts and select presentations from these abstracts to fill the 10 slots available for 20 minute presentations by junior scientists, and the 10 slots available for 2.5 minute poster flash presentations (see the programme document).
Poster sessions are combined with lunch on each day, so providing ample time to present and discuss posters with the symposium attendants. Poster flash presentations are scheduled just before these lunch breaks; five poster flashes for each day.

Poster presentation. The presenting author of each accepted abstract is expected to present a poster at the symposium, regardless of being selected for an oral presentation or not. All posters should stay pinned up during both symposium days. Posters should be pinned up well before the lunch break on Monday (preferably before 09.45h), and should not be removed until after the lunch break on Tuesday (and should be taken down latest by Tuesday 19.00 h). There will be so-called expodots available for attaching/sticking your poster to the poster board. The poster boards are 2.0 m wide and 1.0 m high, so they will fit two posters (in portrait format) on each side. Poster boards will be set-up in six small ‘islands’, one ‘island’ for each of the symposium topics (e.g. Integrating data); you should hang up your poster in the ‘island’ of your first choice (as you have indicated in your abstract submission form) – if there is no place available anymore, you go the ‘island’ of your second choice. If it even won’t fit there you may perhaps find a place on a window (but not the wall) in the poster room (restaurant).

Poster format. The poster should preferably be A0-format in portrait orientation: h x w = 1.19 x 0.84 m (exactly 1.00 m2). It may of course also be smaller (but preferably not larger). The poster may also be prepared in landscape orientation, but there are only few places available for this format; so avoid using landscape if at all possible.

Poster prizes

A jury will select two posters for the SB@NL2014 poster prizes. The winner of the first and second prize will receive € 250 and € 100, respectively. The prize money along with an illuminated address (certificate) will be presented at the end of the second day.

The online abstract book

A PDF version of the abstract book will become available soon after the deadline (20141124). This abstract book will be updated when necessary. The final version will be available around one week before the symposium starts. Whenever a new version is published, the previous version will be removed.

Current version of the abstract book:
SB@NL2014 abstract book (version dd 20141210v2)

Previously published versions:
SB@NL2014 abstract book (version 20141205v1).

NOTE: A printed version of the abstract book and programme will be handed out to all symposium participants from the registration desk at the symposium venue.