Systems biology community (SB@NL / ex-NCSB)

Netherlands Systems Biology Platform (SB@NL)


SBNL_Logo_100x29_20140731The aim of the Netherlands Platform for Systems Biology (SB@NL) is to foster the systems biology approach in the red, green, white and possibly blue sectors of the life sciences, in particular by creating synergies between systems biology research institutes/groups and other stakeholders in systems and synthetic biology, biotechnology and medicine.
This platform was built and coordinated by NCSB since 2011, and SB@NL activities are continued independently after the NCSB programme ended in 2013 (see below, under governance).
SB@NL will work side by side with the bioinformatics community (ex-NBIC) to set-up the Netherlands Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Research School (BioSB), and to make relevant NCSB training activities (e-courses, tutorials, workshops) available through the BioSB research school. Other SB@NL activities aim at (a) community development with strong international connections, (b) communicating with policy makers/granting organisations, (c) event organisation (e.g. a SB@NL2014 symposium), (d) proposing research programmes/projects/calls, and (e) setting up the Dutch components of an advanced national and European systems biology research infrastructure (
ZonMw endowed the platform with a modest start-up subsidy (derived from residual NCSB funds).

SB@NL governance

An SB@NL executive committee (‘bestuur’) governs the platform since 2014, taking over the coordinating role assumed by NCSB since 2011. The executive committee members are Hans Westerhoff (chair), Jaap Molenaar, Lodewyk Wessels, Edwin de Boer (finance), who are assisted by Diman van Rossum (secretary).
The ‘Council of Partners’ (‘Raad van Partners’), consisting of representatives of the SB@NL partners, will advise and guide the executive committee. The council convenes roughly once every six months. The first meeting was held on 20110509 in Utrecht.

SB@NL partners

The platform currently consists of eleven partners, and is open for additional systems biology oriented research groups/organisations. The SB@NL partners are presented on the following webpage