Bioinformatics community (ex-NBIC)

The Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (NBIC) has been the hub of the Dutch bioinformatics community over the last 10 years. NBIC was one of the NGI Technology Centres and the NBIC programmes BioRange, BioAssist and BioWise ended by the end of 2013.

As of 2014 the courses of the NBIC PhD school, which were developed within the BioWise programme over the years, will be part of the BioSB research school ( BioSB is a joint initiative of NBIC and the Systems Biology community (SB@NL / ex-NCSB). The research school will continue the training of bioinformatics researchers in liaison with the Dutch Techcenter for the Life Sciences’ (DTL) training programme DTL|Learning, and will serve as a sequel to NBIC as the hub of the bioinformatics research community in the Netherlands.

Through the BioSB research school, bioinformatics research and education/training will be sustained and fostered in what is to be a vibrant platform, progressively amalgamating with Systems Biology. The research school will also organise future BioSB conferences, so continuing the annual symposia previoiusly organised by NBIC and NCSB/SB@NL.

Many of the activities of the Bioinformatics-as-a-service programme BioAssist will be moved into DTL|Data, a programme of the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences. The DTL|Data programme helps establish best practices in data integration and stewardship among DTL partners and associated scientists, safeguarding better re-usability, sustainability and accessibility of datasets.

An overview of the formal partners of the NBIC consortium can be found here, including the relevant documents.

To get an impression of the research projects, support activities and courses coordinated by foundation NBIC you can read the magazine ‘Interface‘.