LC workshop: Life Sciences with Industry 2014

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Monday 03 November, 2014 - Friday 07 November, 2014 Lorentz Centre, Leiden

After the success of the Life Sciences with Industry workshop 2013, the 2014 edition will now be held. During the workshop about 40 young scientists in the life sciences and neighbouring disciplines will tackle five challenging industrial problems, formulated by companies that are active in the life sciences. Participants will form five groups, each concentrating on one of the problems during the entire week. On Friday they will present out-of-the-box solutions by combining different fields of expertise. Each group will be assisted by a senior scientist and someone from the company.

Five companies participate in the workshop:

  1. Amsterdam Scientific Instruments
  2. FEI Electron Optics
  3. Corbion
  4. Nutricia Research
  5. Unilever

Registration is open to scientists with a background in the life sciences and neighbouring fields:

  • PhD students
  • postdocs that obtained their PhD degree less than five years ago
  • a small number of more senior scientists

Registration closes October 13. Selection will be based on scientific background and written motivation. Selectees are notified not later than October 16. Participating is free: costs of hotel, lunches and (part of) dinners are covered by the sponsors.

The workshop is sponsored by BioSB, the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Research School, Cyttron II, STW, and the Lorentz Centre.

Meeting details:

  • Workshop: Life Sciences with Industry 2014
  • Dates: 2014 November 03-07 (Monday-Friday)
  • Venue: Oort Building, Lorentz Centre, Niels Bohrweg 2, 2333CA Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Website: Workshop website
  • Registration: Registration webpage Deadline 2014 October 13


The organisers,
Jan Pieter Abrahams
Ellen Feddes
Lydia Meesters
Roel van Driel