BioSB Hot Topics meeting: ONT Nanopore sequencing

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Thursday 20 April, 2017 TU Delft

Nanopore sequencing has been revolutionizing the sequencing arena for the last few years. The last decade, sequencing went from highly-specialized to a commodity product that can be readily purchased from a specialty provider. ONT has taken this again a step further and is now enabling anyone to get into ‘do-it-yourself’ sequencing. Sequencing now requires no capital investment, very little in lab setup and anybody with a steady hand can start to generate data. While the technology has tremendous potential, there are still a few teething problems and sharing expert knowledge is critical to realize its full potential.

Luckily, there is a comparatively large expert-user community within the Netherlands. The goal of this meeting is to bring us together and strengthen information sharing and collaboration within the Netherlands and beyond.

The program is aimed at novice and expert users alike.

To further expand the community, the program features a show-and-tell session where 10 people will be able to briefly introduce what they are doing with nanopore sequencing technology. This can address any topic from biological to algorithmic development.The purpose is really to learn what everyone is doing in the Netherlands with ONT sequencing.

Registration is free, but required. Registration includes submission for ‘show-and-tell’.


Find the detailed programme and registration form here