BioSB course: Discovering Systems Biology Principles

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Monday 23 November, 2015 - Friday 27 November, 2015 Amsterdam

The BioSB course: Discovering Systems Biology Principles will be held on 23-27 November 2015 in Amsterdam.

This course enables the student to discover biological principles that underlie biological networks. The course will first acquaint the student with the concepts of concentrations, rates, fluxes, steady state, production and transport. Several phenomena will be explained based on these biological principles:

  1. production and transport are correlated,
  2. fluxes in a network may be correlated at steady state,
  3. control of function tends to be distributed (no rate-limiting step), (iv) networks may engage in energy waste through futile cycling,
  4. cell function may be regulated at the level of transcription, translation, signalling and metabolism at the same time to different extents,
  5. networks may have multiple steady states and lead to pattern formation, (viii) drug targets may not be where they are traditionally expected,
  6. networks enhance robustness and engage in (near) prefect adaptation.

The course will use existing models of relevant networks which the student will interrogate using the web-based live model repository JWS. No mathematical experience is required.