Summer school: Integrative X-omics analyses enpowering personalized healthcare

Monday 01 July, 2019 - Friday 05 July, 2019 Nijmegen, Netherlands

In this course you will receive high profile lectures and practical training on the integrated use of molecular-omics technologies in personalized prevention, diagnoostics and treatment, to optimize your experimental and analysis strategies.

BioSB/VUmc course: Statistics for Omics

Monday 24 June, 2019 - Friday 28 June, 2019 VUmc, Amsterdam

This introductory course gives an overview of many statistical tools to analyse omics data. The course can be followed by researchers with a minimum or elementary background in quantitative data analysis.

WIAS course: Survival guide to Peer Review

Friday 21 June, 2019 Wageningen, Netherlands

This WIAS course will be given in Wageningen by prof. dr. Ulrike Müller from California State University Fresno. She is an active scientist who has published in and reviewed for high-impact journals (Nature, Science). The course ‘Survival guide to peer review’ provides the tools to address the comments of reviewers and editors in a professional way. The quality of a rebuttal can make the difference between a rejection and an acceptance.

WIAS course High Impact Writing in Science

Monday 17 June, 2019 - Thursday 20 June, 2019 Wageningen, Netherlands

This WIAS course will be given in Wageningen by prof. dr. Ulrike Müller from California State University Fresno. She is an active scientist who has published in and reviewed for high-impact journals (Nature, Science). The High-Impact writing course is not just another writing course; the focus is on high-impact writing rather than more general science communication.

Symposium: Past, Present and Future of Bioinformatics

Wednesday 29 May, 2019 Utrecht

The RSG (YoungCB) presents a Symposium on the Past, Present and Future of Bioinformatics on May 29th, 13:00 – 17:30u in Utrecht. Featuring speakers: Paulien Hogeweg, Lodewyk Wessels and more. The Symposium is sponsored by the ISCB and The Hyve.

Life congress 2019

Tuesday 28 May, 2019 - Wednesday 29 May, 2019 Postillion Convention Centre in Bunnik

The first edition of Life, the NWO Life Sciences congress, will take place on 28 and 29 May 2019 in Postillion Convention Centre in Bunnik. Life2019 is meant to inspire and connect researchers covering the broad spectrum of the Dutch Life Sciences.

Deep Learning for Life Sciences

Thursday 09 May, 2019 SURF, Utrecht, Netherlands

Deep learning has become a really hot topic for different areas of research in order to extract information and correlations between huge amounts of data that are otherwise very difficult or even effectively impossible to process in a purely analytic way. This workshop will begin with a morning session that will be presenting an overview of machine learning techniques, and later on introducing the basics concepts needed to understand artificial neural networks.

Cluster Computing for Life Sciences

Tuesday 23 April, 2019 - Wednesday 24 April, 2019 SURF, Utrecht, Netherlands

Learn basic skills in high-performance computing. In this workshop you will learn how to work more efficiently with your computer via the command line, how to automate your data analysis pipelines and how to use compute cluster. The workshop content is build around life science and bioinformatics examples.

BioSB 2019

Tuesday 02 April, 2019 - Wednesday 03 April, 2019 De Werelt, Lunteren

The next BioSB conference will be held on April 2-3, 2019 in congrescentrum De Werelt in Lunteren, the Netherlands.

BioSB PhD retreat 2019

Monday 01 April, 2019 De Werelt, Lunteren, Netherlands

YoungCB (ISCB Regional Student Group Netherlands) is pleased to invite you to the BioSB PhD retreat 2019 in the afternoon of April 1st. The retreat will be held in Lunteren at the Congrescentrum De Werelt, preceding the BioSB conference.

Data Carpentry Workshop: Genomics Data

Tuesday 05 February, 2019 - Wednesday 06 February, 2019 Wageningen, Netherlands

DTL and ELIXIR-NL are organising Data Carpentry Genomics workshop on February 5-6, 2019 at the Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

Soft skill event: Efficient Supervision

Tuesday 04 December, 2018 UMC Utrecht

On Tuesday December 4th the YoungCB together with BioSB is organising a soft skill event on Efficient Supervision. The event is open for students and young researchers in bioinformatics and systems biology. Join if you would like to improve your interpersonal communication and supervisory skills! 

Systems Epigenetics: Towards Precision Cancer Medicine

Tuesday 27 November, 2018 - Friday 30 November, 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands

This conference brings together scientists from multidisciplinary fields. We will discuss various aspects of epigenetic regulation (e.g. higher order chromatin folding, chromatin enhancer regulation, dynamics of chromatin and nuclear organization and epigenomics) in the context of cancer initiation, progression and treatment.

Life Sciences with Industry 2018

Monday 19 November, 2018 - Friday 23 November, 2018 Lorentz Center Leiden

Are you a young scientist with a background in the life sciences or a related research field and do you have a creative and inquisitive mind? Do you like to think outside-the-box? Do you want to meet new people from other disciplines, including mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering? If yes, apply now for the fifth ‘Life Sciences with Industry’ Lorentz workshop.

NSBM Fall meeting: 3D Protein Structures: what sequences cannot tell you

Friday 16 November, 2018 Utrecht, Netherlands

The Netherlands Society on Biomolecular Modelling (NSBM) is an independent society that brings people together in The Netherlands and beyond, that work on three dimensional structures of biomolecules and biomolecular simulations. During the upcoming Fall meeting, the floor will be given to students, PhD students, post-docs and a number of invited guest speakers who study protein structure and/or structural bioinformatics or related topics.