BioSB 2020 conference

When Where
Tuesday 27 October, 2020 - Wednesday 28 October, 2020 Congrescentrum De Werelt, Lunteren

The conference addressed the latest developments in bioinformatics, systems and computational biology, and their wide-ranging applications in life sciences & health, agriculture, food & nutrition.

BioSB course: Machine Learning in bioinformatics and systems biology

When Where
Monday 05 October, 2020 - Friday 09 October, 2020 Virtual

After having followed this course, the student has a good understanding of a wide range of machine learning techniques and is able to recognize what method is most applicable to data analysis problems (s)he encounters in bioinformatics and systems biology applications.

X-omics Festival 2020 – The future is now!

When Where
Monday 28 September, 2020 Nijmegen, Netherlands

X-omics Festival 2020: online conference with keynote lecture, lectures from investigators, technology pitches, time for Q&A after presentations!

5th MaCSBio Science Day(s): “Celebrating five years of MaCSBio: Looking back, looking forward”

When Where
Monday 06 July, 2020 - Friday 10 July, 2020 Virtueel

MaCSBio Science Day is the annual event for researchers and students active in systems biology and bioinformatics in the Maastricht region to catch up, and share the great science that is conducted in this area. We will celebrate 5 years MaCSBio with 5 online sessions open to a broad audience of interested laymen, students, scientists, and policy makers.

SYSBIO 2020 – Advanced Lecture Course on Systems Biology

When Where
Saturday 07 March, 2020 - Friday 13 March, 2020 Hotel Grauer Bär, Innsbruck, Austria

This advanced lecture course will cover essential and state-of-the-art aspects of SysBio from principles and methods through the modeling of living systems to applications in biotechnology and medicine.

Health-RI conference 2020

When Where
Thursday 30 January, 2020 Jaarbeurs Supernova, Utrecht

At this year’s Health-RI conference, leading experts will highlight how data is helping us to remain healthy, and how it can drive us towards a healthy future.

BioSB course: Constraint Based Modelling: introduction and advanced topics

When Where
Monday 25 November, 2019 - Friday 29 November, 2019 Leiden University

Constraint-based modeling is a powerful modeling methodology that is being used to model a diverse range of biological phenomena. These include both fundamental and applied questions relevant to biotechnology, microbiology and medicine. Central to constraint-based modeling is the use of genome-scale reconstructions that represent particular cellular functions as a biochemical reaction network. In this course, you will be introduced to …..

Advanced course: Multiscale Computational Methods in Bioprocesses

When Where
Monday 18 November, 2019 - Friday 22 November, 2019 Delft University of Technology

This course brings together contributions from different disciplines, i.e. bioprocess technology, applied physics, transport phenomena, molecular biology and biomedical sciences. They all address different elements on the coupling between several time and length scales in the simulation of different bioprocesses (e.g. bioreactor and bioprocess operation, microbial strain improvement, tissue and organ cultivation, plant design and integration). Computational methods will deepen the understanding of the connecting principles between different scales. The industrial relevance is underlined by the venue being the Biotech Campus Delft.

Dutch Chemometrics Society Masterclass on Data Visualization

When Where
Tuesday 12 November, 2019 Bar Beton, Utrecht, Netherlands

The Masterclass will feature two renown plenary speakers from the data visualization field: Casper Albers (Professor at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in applied statistics and data visualization) and Sara Sprinkhuizen (Data analyst and data visualization expert). Two experts in data science and chemometrics will challenge the talks to trigger discussion. Renger Jellema (Senior scientist at DSM Biotechnology…

Life Science with Industry workshop 2019

When Where
Monday 11 November, 2019 - Friday 15 November, 2019 Lorentz center, Leiden, Netherlands

Register now for the Life Science with Industry workshop on 11-15 November @lorentzcenter Leiden. Join us in solving scientifically challenging R&D problems.

NETTAB / BBCC 2019 Meeting

When Where
Monday 11 November, 2019 - Wednesday 13 November, 2019 Fisciano Campus, University of Salerno, Italy

The next NETTAB meeting will be organised as a joint NETTAB/BBCC meeting from 11 to 13 November 2019  in Fisciano, University of Salerno in Italy. The Call for abstract has been launched! Abstracts for oral communications are due within June 30, 2019 Read more

Helis Academy course: FAIR Data Stewardship – digital data scholarship for life sciences

When Where
Monday 04 November, 2019 - Wednesday 06 November, 2019 Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Did you ever wonder how to improve your data handling in your daily research practice? Are you thinking of a career change or starting a career as a data steward in the life sciences in academia or industry? Join this introductory course to FAIR data stewardship in the life sciences!

BioSB course: Algorithms for Genomics

When Where
Monday 14 October, 2019 - Friday 18 October, 2019 Delft, Netherlands

In this course, we will cover genome analysis, variant analysis, and pangenomics. Core concepts, applications, and future trends will be discussed, with a focus on the algorithms and data structures underlying state-of-the-art methods. The course offers an engaging mix of lectures, paper discussions, hands-on tutorials, and a do-it-yourself project.

BioCafé YoungCB

When Where
Thursday 10 October, 2019 Grand-cafe ZO, Amsterdam

The YoungCB is organizing a BioCafé in Amsterdam this Thursday, co-organized with the Machine Learning course.

BioSB course: Machine Learning for Bioinformatics & Systems Biology

When Where
Monday 07 October, 2019 - Friday 11 October, 2019 AMC, Amsterdam, Netherlands

In this one-week course, the foundations of machine learning will be laid out and commonly used methods for unsupervised (clustering, dimensionality reduction, visualization) and supervised (mainly classification) learning will be explained in detail. Methods will be illustrated using recent examples from the fields of systems biology and bioinformatics. Methods discussed in the morning lectures will be put into practice during the afternoon computer lab sessions.

MGC course ‘ Next Generation Sequencing data analysis ‘

When Where
Monday 26 August, 2019 - Wednesday 28 August, 2019 LUMC, Leiden

The aim of the course is to give a broad overview of the different applications of NGS with a focus on different ways to analyse the data. Presentations will discuss specifically the different choices available for data analysis, why a specific approach was selected and which alternatives are available. The course will, besides discussing and demonstrating some generally applicable tools, not include practical data analysis nor discuss in detail specific algorithms used.

Summer school: Integrative X-omics analyses enpowering personalized healthcare

When Where
Monday 01 July, 2019 - Friday 05 July, 2019 Nijmegen, Netherlands

In this course you will receive high profile lectures and practical training on the integrated use of molecular-omics technologies in personalized prevention, diagnoostics and treatment, to optimize your experimental and analysis strategies.

BioSB/VUmc course: Statistics for Omics

When Where
Monday 24 June, 2019 - Friday 28 June, 2019 VUmc, Amsterdam

This introductory course gives an overview of many statistical tools to analyse omics data. The course can be followed by researchers with a minimum or elementary background in quantitative data analysis.

WIAS course: Survival guide to Peer Review

When Where
Friday 21 June, 2019 Wageningen, Netherlands

This WIAS course will be given in Wageningen by prof. dr. Ulrike Müller from California State University Fresno. She is an active scientist who has published in and reviewed for high-impact journals (Nature, Science). The course ‘Survival guide to peer review’ provides the tools to address the comments of reviewers and editors in a professional way. The quality of a rebuttal can make the difference between a rejection and an acceptance.

WIAS course High Impact Writing in Science

When Where
Monday 17 June, 2019 - Thursday 20 June, 2019 Wageningen, Netherlands

This WIAS course will be given in Wageningen by prof. dr. Ulrike Müller from California State University Fresno. She is an active scientist who has published in and reviewed for high-impact journals (Nature, Science). The High-Impact writing course is not just another writing course; the focus is on high-impact writing rather than more general science communication.