Introductory courses

The BioSB education programme covers essential topics of the wide-ranging fields of bioinformatics and systems biology. It offers a wide variety of training courses that enable life scientists to apply modelling and computational approaches in addressing scientific challenges.

BioSB education programme
The BioSB education programme consists of three types of courses:
1. Introductory courses
2. Core courses
3. Specific courses

Basic characteristics of introductory courses
The introductory courses are intended for novices in the field.
These courses can either be face-to-face or e-learning courses; the format differs per course.
The course length ranges from 1 to 5 days.
The frequency varies, but the aim is to have these courses at least once a year.

Introductory courses portfolio
I.1.1. Programming in Python
I.1.2. Programming in R
I.1.3 Programming in Matlab

I.2.1. E-course Biology
I.2.2. E-course Modelling
I.2.3. E-course Calculus

I.3. Discovering Systems Biology Principles

I.4. Personalised Systems Medicine