Pre-registration courses

Courses of the BioSB research school are organised with a yearly or two-yearly frequency. When the exact date of your course of interest is not planned yet or if an application form is not on-line yet, you may pre-register here.

Pre-registration expresses your interest in a specific course in our portfolio. As soon as more information about a course is available or when the appropriate application form is opened, you will receive a notification. Your pre-registration also helps us in determining the interest in our courses and whether to advance or postpone a course. All BioSB courses are open for national and international participants from both public and private parties.

Finally, we also invite you to use this form for suggestions or proposals for (other) courses.

Pre-registration form

  • If you have a suggestion for a different course (type, level, topic, location, etc), please leave us a note in the box above
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