Systems Biology portfolio

The systems biology part of the BioSB Education programme for 2014 and beyond is under construction.

In the course of the years, a variety of tutorials and courses in the field of systems biology have been offered. The challenge is to merge and structure all these experiences and expertises into one consistent programme that covers the full scope of systems biology topics and, most importantly, connects well with the portfolio of bioinformatics courses.

This programme includes three web-based, e-courses which were a success in the past years:

  1. Basic biology for non-biologists,
  2. Basic modelling for biologists , and
  3. Elementary calculus for systems biology.

These three e-courses have the character of a MOOC, but without the ‘M’, standing for massive, since the number of students is limited and direct contact with the tutors is possible and recommended. These courses are intended to provide basic knowledge for researchers without much biology and/or math background.

At a further level, we plan for (5-day) courses given annually: Systems Biology 1 and 2 in which the general principles of systems biology are systematically introduced and the students learn how to model.

The programme will be completed with a considerable number of advanced and special courses, that are given with a lower frequency and probably for restricted numbers of students. Typical examples are: Calibration and Validation of Predictive Models, Constraint Based Modelling, Stochastic Modelling, Multi-Scale Modelling, Systems Biology for Personalised Medicine, Data Integration in the Life Sciences, and Data and Model Management.

Besides the regular programme we think of including outreach activities to medical doctors, industry, insurers, and policy makers.

Further suggestions are welcome and can be emailed to