Course: The power of RNA-seq

This introductory RNA-seq course is organised in Wageningen as a coorganised course by graduate school Experimental Plant Sciences of Wageningen UR and NBIC. 20 seats will be reserved for EPS-researchers, but the course is also accessible to people from Universities and institutes other than EPS or Wageningen.

Please fill in the form below to apply for a seat. The application procedure includes a short evaluation of your research experience in Next Generation Sequencing and motivation for attending the course. Please also supply a short review of your current research and NGS-related challenge or question.

course outline

Day 1 is an introduction to NGS & RNA-seq: what can I use RNA-seq for? How do I prepare my samples and how to design a proper experiment? General steps involved in a typical RNA-seq experiment.
Day 2 will continue with lectures on data analysis steps in RNA-seq: Quantification, differntial expresion, alternative splicing and statistics of these steps.
Day 3 will show you how to continue your research once you have your RNA-seq data analysed. Tricks and tools to annotate, visualise and interpret your RNA-seq results.
The afternoons of all 3 days are reserved for workshops and software demonstrations.

Target audience
This course is primarily intended for researchers who are either planning and designing or starting to analyse RNA-seq experiments. Participants are expected to have general knowledge in molecular biology  and to have a clear research project in mind or at hand. There is no pre-requisite knowledge or experience in NGS data analysis or computer programming required.


More information about registration can be found on the enrollment page.