Day 3 – Genome resequencing course 2016

The presentations of day 3 of the course (Thursday September 21st, 2016) can be found below:

Lies Hoefsloot (Erasmus MC): Eurogentest guidelines (and AMCG guidelines update) in WES and WGS
Day 3, Lies Hoefsloot – 1 MB

Christian Gilissen (UMC Radboud): Whole Genome Sequencing in the clinic
Day 3, Christian Gilissen – 3 MB

Eline Bunnik (Erasmus MC): Medical Genomics Current Legal framework & FAQ (Dutch)
Day 3, Eline Bunnik –

Anneke Vulto-van Silfhout (Radboud UMC): Informed Consent (What can I tell the doctor?) & Incidental Findings (What can we tell the patient?)
Day 3, Anneke Vulto-van Silfhout –

Mieke Kerstjes (UMCG): WGS for Neonates in trouble
Day 3, Mieke Kerstjes – 1 MB

Gijs Santen (LUMC): Active Clinical Collaboration on Test Result Interpretation… (when) Needed?
Day 3, Gijs Santen –

Frans Verheijen (Erasmus MC): Functional Validation of Variants in a Diagnostic Context
Day 3, Frans Verheijen – 1 MB