Day 1 – Genome resequencing course 2015

The presentations of day 1 of the course (Tuesday September 22nd 2015) can be found below:

Johan den Dunnen (LUMC): Characteristics of Sequencing Methods
Day 1 Dunnen Den Sequencing Methods (3 MB)

Wilfred van IJcken (Erasmus MC): Enrichment Techniques, Amplified panel / exome
Day 1 IJcken Entichment Techniques (2 MB)

Jasper Saris: Mapping sequence reads & Calling variants
Day 1 Saris_Francioli Mapping sequence (1 MB)

Gijs Santen (LUMC): WES or WGS….. statiscics & power in practice
Day 1 Santen WES or WGS (1 MB)

Chris Mattocks (NGRL Wessex, UK) Experiment setup, QC & SNP profiling panel for sample tracking
Day 1 Mattocks Experiment setup (2 MB)

Sophia Genetics Workshop
Day 1 SophiaGenetics Workshop

Joeri van der Velde (UMCG): Annotation of variants
Day 1 Velde Variant Annotation (2 MB)

Quiagen Workshop
Day 1 QIAGEN Clinical Insight Erasmus Workshop (1,8 MB)

Fons Elstrodt: NextGene (Softgenetics, Bioké)

Ian Cook: Qiagen Clinical Insight (aka Ingenuity Clinical)

Walter de Valk & Frank Sleutels: hAwk, Genepanel QC and SNV Calling