Day 1 – Genome Resequencing in Medical Diagnostics course

The presentations of day 1 of the course (Tuesday October 28th 2014) can be found below:

Johan den Dunnen (LUMC): Characteristics of Sequencing Methods
Day 1 Dunnen Den Sequencing Methods

Wilfred van IJcken (ErasmusMC): Enrichment Techniques, amplified panel / exome
Day 1 IJcken Entichment Techniques (PDF file 2,2 MB)

Laurent Francioli (UMCU): Mapping sequence reads & Calling variants
Day 1 Francioli Mapping sequence (974 KB)

Gijs Santen (LUMC): WES or WGS… statistics & power in practice
Day 1 Santen WES or WGS (PDF file 284 KB)

Chris Mattocks (NGRL Wessex, UK): Experiment setup & Quality Assurance
Day 1 Mattocks Experiment Setup (PDF file 2,5 MB)

Joeri van der Velde (UMCG): Annotation of variants
Day 1 Van der Velde Annotations of variants (PDF file 2 MB)

Aysel Heckel /Anne Arens: Your Best Data: Teaming QIAGEN Chemistry & Bioinformatics to Drive Samples to Insight
Day 1 Qiagen Workshop (PDF file 1,2 MB)

Fons Elstrodt (BioKé): NextGene Workshop
Day 1 NextGene Workshop (PDF file 2 MB)