Bioinformatics portfolio

This is an overview of the Bioinformatics courses. You can find the Systems Biology portfolio here.

Technology Track (T)
Pattern Recognition:
Frequency: once per two years 
Next occasion: March 23-27, 2015, VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Last occasion: January 21 – 25th 2013, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Course Coordinators: dr. ir. Perry. Moerland (AMC), prof. dr. ir. Marcel Reinders (TU Delft), prof. dr. Lodewyk Wessels (NKI), Celia van Gelder (NBIC)
Keywords: Pattern recognition
Managing and Integrating Information in the Life Science:
Frequency: once per two years (pre-register)
Course Coordinators: Dr. Marco Roos (UvA), Dr. Katy Wolstencroft (VU), Celia van Gelder (NBIC)
Keywords: Knowledge-based information management, Database workhorses, Web services for collaboration and data integration, Semantic data integration
Last occasion: June 17 – 21st, 2013 in Leiden, the Netherlands
Next occasion: expected 2015
Optimisation Techniques in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology:
Frequency: irregular (pre-register)
Course Coordinators: Dr. Jaap Kaandorp (UvA), Celia van Gelder (NBIC)
Keywords: Local optimalisation methods, Global Optimalisation (e.g. Monte-Carlo sampling, Basin hopping technique), Global Stochastic Optimalisation (simulated annealing, evolutiony algorithms), Dynamic Programming
Last occasion: May 2010, Amsterdam
Application Track (A)
Algorithms for Biological Networks:
Frequency: once per two year (pre-register)
Course Coordinators: Prof. dr. Marcel Reinders (TUD), Prof. dr. Dick de Ridder (WUR), Prof. dr. Jaap Heringa (VU), Celia van Gelder (NBIC)
Keywords: Properties of biological networks, Network inference, Alternative network models, Integrative bioinformatics, Network algorithms
Last occasion: June 30st – July 4th, 2014
Next occasion: expected 2016
Comparative genomics: from evolution to function:
Frequency: once per two years (pre-register)
Course Coordinators: Dr. Berend Snel (UU), Prof. Dr. Martijn Huynen (RU), Prof. Dr. Jaap Heringa (VU), Celia van Gelder (NBIC)
Keywords: Sequence analysis, protein-protein interaction, pathways prediction, genomics
Last occasion: June 2-6, 2014
Next occasion: expected 2016
Protein structures: production, prowess, power, promises, and problems:
Frequency:  once per two years (pre-register)
Course Coordinators: prof. dr. Gert Vriend (Radboudumc), Celia van Gelder (NBIC)
Keywords:  Protein structure visualisation, analysis and scientific application
Last occasion: 4-8 November 2013, Nijmegen
Next occasion: expected 2015
Life Sciences Track (LS)
Next generation Sequencing Data Analysis:
Frequency: once per year (register)
Course Coordinators: Jeroen Laros (LUMC), Wilfred van IJcken (EMC), Judith Boer (LUMC), Johan den Dunnen (LUMC)
Keywords: Next-generation sequencing data analysis
Last occasion: August 2013, Utrecht
Next occasion: 8th edition, 1-3 September 2014, Leiden
Advanced NGS Course: RNA-seq Data Analysis:
Frequency: once per year (pre-register)
Course Coordinators: Peter-Bram ‘t Hoen (LUMC), Andrew Stubbs (ErasmusMC), Jan Oosting (LUMC), Celia van Gelder (NBIC)
Keywords: Next-generation sequencing, NGS, data analysis, RNA-seq, transcriptome.
Last occasion: 7-9 July 2014, Leiden
Next occasion: expected 2015
NGS Course: Genome Resequencing in Medical Diagnostics:
Frequency: once per year
Course Coordinators: Christian Gilissen (Radboud UMC), Johan den Dunnen (LUMC), Jasper Saris (Erasmus MC), Rob van der Luijt (UMC Utrecht)
Keywords: Read Mapping, Variant Calling, Annotation of Variants, Computational Predictions, Evaluation and Reporting of results, Clinical Interpretation, Clinical Relevance
Last occasion: May 2013 (2nd edition) Rotterdam
Next occasion: 3rd edition, 28-30 October 2014, Rotterdam (organised by MolMed, MGC-ZWNL, VKGL & VKGN)
Advanced NGS Course: de novo Assembly from NGS data:
Frequency: once per year (pre-register)
Course Coordinators: Gabino Sanchez-Perez (WUR), Jan van Haarst (WUR), Hendrik-Jan Megens (WUR), Johan den Dunnen (LUMC), Patrick Koks (NBIC)
Keywords: NGS, next-generation sequencing, Assembly, de novo assembly, reference genome, assembler, k-mer, de Bruijn graphs
Last occasion: January, 2013 in Wageningen
Next occasion: 2014, Wageningen
Metagenomics Applications and Data Analysis:
Frequency: once per year (pre-register)
Course Coordinators: Sacha van Hijum (Radboudumc/NIZO food research), Bas Dutilh (Radboudumc/CMBI), Celia van Gelder (NBIC)
Keywords: metagenomes, environmental sequencing, functional profiling, next-generation sequencing, NGS, comparative metagenomics, bacterial genomics, microbial ecology, taxonomy
Last occasion: March 31st – April 2nd 2014, Nijmegen
Next occasion: 2015
The power of RNA-seq:
Course Coordinators: Gabino Sanchez-Peres, Sandra Smit, Harm Nijveen (EPS, WUR), Patrick Koks (NBIC, WUR)
Keywords: RNA-seq, transcriptome, experimental design, statistics, data analysis, mapping, quantification, differential expression, interpretation, pathways
Last occasion: December 2013 (2nd edition), Wageningen
Next occasion: unknown (pre-register)