BioSB course portfolio

The BioSB education programme covers essential topics of the wide-ranging fields of bioinformatics and systems biology. It offers a wide variety of training courses that enable life scientists to apply modelling and computational approaches in addressing scientific challenges. Find more information about the course programme.

Upcoming courses

24-28 June 2019Statistics for Omics4-day

Previously held courses can be found on the course archive page.

Core programme

The core programme consists of a set of 5-day bioinformatics and systems biology courses that are offered once every 2 years, with a study load of 3 EC. Pre-registration for the courses is possible via this form.

Pattern Recognition
Managing & Integrating Information in the Life Sciences
Optimisation Techniques in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Comparative Genomics: from Evolution to Function
Protein Structures: Production, Prowess, Power, Promises and Problems
Algorithms for Biological Networks
Quantitative and Predictive Modelling
Multi-scale modelling

Other courses

Other courses and workshops that do not fit in the above-mentioned categories. These courses may have a different format and be offered occasionally only. Furthermore, they are often co-organized with other organisations. Pre-registration for the courses is possible via this form.

Bioinformatics for Translational Medicine using Galaxy
RNA-seq Data Analysis
Python course for Life Scientists
Constraint-Based Modelling
Systems Medicine: Modelling Epigenetics
Metagenomics applications and Data Analysis
Advanced de novo assembly and resolving complex genomic regions
Life Sciences with Industry
EPS Postgraduate course ‘Genome Assembly’
NGS in Diagnostics course: Genome resequencing in a Medical Diagnostic Context
MGC Next-generation sequence data analysis
Data Integration in the Life Sciences
Biological Network Analysis

Introductory courses

The introductory courses are intended for novices. Course duration: 3-5 days.

Kick start R
Programming in Matlab
Discovering Systems Biology Principles
eCourse Biomolecular principles of the Cell
eCourse Modelling of Biological Processes
eCourse Elementary Calculus in Systems Biology