BioSB course portfolio

BioSB is the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology community in the Netherlands. We are committed to train the next generation of computational life scientists. Our challenging and inspiring education programme covers essential topics in bioinformatics and systems biology, taught by teams of experts.

A typical BioSB course runs for five consecutive days and includes lectures and hands-on computer exercises. The courses are organized at different locations throughout the Netherlands and offer great ways of networking and connecting with other researchers in the field.

Participants of BioSB courses receive a certificate for use in most graduate programmes (3 ECTS).

We closely collaborate with the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL) and international training activities (ELIXIR).

Upcoming courses

7-11 Oct 2019fund.Machine Learning for Bioinformatics & Systems Biology (registration closed/full)5-day
14-18 Oct 2019adv.´╗┐Algorithms for Genomics (registration open!)5-day
25-29 Nov. 2019adv.Constraint based modelling (registration open!)5-day
9-13 Dec. 2019fund.Modelling and Optimization for Bioinformatics & Systems Biology (registration open!)

Planned for 2020 (preliminary)

You can pre-register for one of these courses via the pre-registration form.

Previously held courses can be found on the course archive page.

Fundamental courses

Fundamental courses, taught by a range of experts in the Dutch bioinformatics & systems biology community, are organised once per year. In 5 days (3 EC), they provide a solid foundation in core technologies in bioinformatics and systems biology, laced with examples of applications. The advanced courses (below) build on this foundation. Pre-registration for the courses is possible via this form.

Machine Learning for Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
Modeling and Optimization for Bioinformatics & Systems Biology

Advanced courses

The advanced programme consists of a set of 5-day bioinformatics and systems biology courses (3 EC) that are offered once every 2 years. Each course deals with a specific topic in current bioinformatics and systems biology. Each course is organized by experts and exposes students to both fundamental approaches and recent developments. Most build on methods introduced in the fundamental courses, though depending on prior education it may not be needed to follow these first. Pre-registration for the courses is possible via this form.

Algorithms for Genomics
Statistics for Omics data analysis
Constraint based modelling: introduction and advanced topics
Managing & Integrating Information in the Life Sciences
Protein Structures: Production, Prowess, Power, Promises and Problems
Algorithms for Biological Networks
Systems Medicine

Other courses

Other courses and workshops that do not fit in the above-mentioned categories. These courses may have a different format and be offered occasionally only. Furthermore, they are often co-organized with other organisations.

Advanced course: Multiscale Computational Methods in Bioprocesses
RNA-seq Data Analysis
Python course for Life Scientists
NGS in Diagnostics course: Genome resequencing in a Medical Diagnostic Context
MGC Next-generation sequence data analysis