Below an overview is given of all BioSB courses. For each course, a link is given to the full course information.
General information about the BioSB Education programme can be found here.

In addition, you may find a synopsis of the BioSB Course portfolio in the full Education Programme (pdf), where information is given about all courses, including coordinators, expected date and a short course description.

Introductory courses
1- 5-days; once per year
Courses intended for novices. These courses can either be face-to-face or e-learning courses. The format differs per course. The course length ranges from 1 to 5 days. The frequency varies, but the aim is to have these courses at least once a year.

Core Courses
5-days; once per 2 years; 3 ECTS
Courses for PhD students and other researchers in bioinformatics and systems biology. The topics and themes in the core programme form a coherent curriculum. The courses have a format of 5 days, with additional extra work (before and after ) with a total study load of 3 EC. These courses will be offered once per two years.

Specific courses
1-5-days; at least once per 3 years
Other courses and workshops that do not fit in the above-mentioned categories. These courses may have a different format and be offered occasionally only. E.g. summerschools.

Note: the courses in green indicate courses in which bioinformatics and systems biology approaches are fully integrated.