Birds of a Feather session: ELIXIR-nl

DTL/ELIXIR update by Barend Mons

  • DISC is now called DTL DataIMG_2252
  • DTL: Data, Technologies, Learning
  • Federated infrastructure, first hotel call resulted in 100 projects throughout NL
  • DTL hosts ELIXIR-NL, the Dutch hub of ELIXIR
  • ELIXIR: 8 countries participating, 9 MoU’s signed
  • DTL Data: broader than ELIXIR-NL; about interoperable data
  • DTL Technologies: high end and raw measurements, feeds DTL Data
  • DTL Learning: trains data experts and connects them

“It is no longer about open data, but about FAIR data: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. For computers and humans.” Barend Mons (DTL/ELIXIR-NL)

“Make sure people keep on meeting each other is the best insurance to keep the community alive and to identify communal problems early on and pick up leads for potential new projects.” Rob Hooft (eScience Centre)

“Bigger budgets not always lead to better results” Morris Swertz (UMC Groningen)

Morris Swertz on lessons learned from infrastructure projects

Key to bring people together with:

  • common goals
  • access to some resources (tight budgets stimulate creativity)
  • the willingness to share (and to sacrifice past investments and earlier work)
  • a shared problem (that cannot be tackled alone)
  • the ability to align timelines
  • time for regular meetings
  • a project leader to push people forward

“Project leader really is an extra role that cannot be done by the PI on a Friday afternoon. A capable project lead greatly improves impact.” Morris Swertz (UMC Groningen)