BioSB 2020: we are going hybrid!

We are very excited to announce that this year’s BioSB 2020 conference on October 27 and 28 will also take place online. Besides the in-person program that we had planned, we are now organizing a parallel online program. This way, we can accommodate more people to this year’s BioSB conference and, should conditions deteriorate, switch to a completely online program.

Online registration now open!

You can register for two-day online access via the conference registration page. Registration for in-person participation is of course also still open and we encourage people to join either online or in-person. Please note that in-person registration means you will also get access to the full two day online program.

Programme updates

We are working hard on shaping the details of the final program and are working towards an attractive in-person and online program. The in-person program for instance will include an exclusive evening program with a conference diner, chance to sit and talk with friends and colleagues and we are organizing an inspirational evening session for which more details will follow soon. The poster session will most likely be held online only and made available to both in-person and online participants. We are working on the details, but most likely we expect people to upload a pdf of your poster, maybe a short video presentation and be available for a Q&A session. Be sure to send in your poster abstracts as this provides a very nice opportunity to showcase your work to a large community of bioinformaticians and system biologists.

Read more on the BioSB 2020 conference website!

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