Eva Brinkman winner of the BioSB Young Investigator Award 2019

The selection committee of the BioSB Young Investigator Award 2019 has selected this year’s award winner!

The winner is: Eva Brinkman (SciLifeLab, Stockholm, Sweden). Eva joined the group of Prof. dr. Bas van Steensel at the Netherlands Cancer Institute Antoni van Leeuwenhoek in Amsterdam for a PhD study. As a spin-off of her research, the TIDE and TIDER software was developed by Eva in collaboration with Tao Chen and Bas van Steensel and NKI granted an exclusive license hereof to Desktop Genetics in 2018.

Eva will receive the award during the award ceremony during the BioSB 2019 conference in Lunteren on April 3rd, 15:30 and she will give an honorary lecture with the title: ‘Quantitative assessment of genome editing’.

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