DTL and BioSB announce partnership

The Netherlands Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Research School (BioSB) and DTL will intensify their collaboration from 2018 onwards. Dr Patrick Kemmeren of the BioSB Board: “There is substantial overlap between the stakeholders that are active in BioSB and DTL, yet the organisations have complementary scopes and activities. We have always collaborated, but we have now launched a formal partnership to coordinate our activities.”

The BioSB board currently consists of Jaap Heringa (chair, VU), Barbara Bakker (UMCG), Lodewyk Wessels (NKI), and Patrick Kemmeren (Princess Máxima Center). Heringa explains: “From the start, the activities of BioSB and DTL have overlapped and many people have been involved in both organisations. Now, the time is ripe to cash in on the synergy of each other’s expertise and facilities.”

Read more at the DTL website!

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