Call for BioSB Young Investigator Award 2018

The call for the BioSB Young Investigator Award 2018 is now open. Are you the next winner of the award? The winner will receive a prize of 500 Euro during the award ceremony at the BioSB 2018 conference on May 16th. He or she will also give a honorary lecture in the plenary programme.

The criteria
The candidate must have conducted his/her bioinformatics or systems biology research primarily in a Dutch institute. The primary result on which the award will be based will be the PhD thesis written by the candidate. Therefore, the final version of the thesis of the candidate should have been submitted to the PhD committee at the candidate’s university on April 18, 2018 at the latest. Find more criteria here.

Group leaders can nominate candidates via the BioSB Young Investigator Award 2018 page at the conference website.

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