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The next edition of the BioSB course Quantitative & Predictive Modelling will be held from June 26 to 30, 2017 in Wageningen. In this Quantitative and Predictive Modelling course the participants learn how to describe the dynamic behaviour of biological systems and to integrate experimental data. Concepts of modelling in terms of differential equations are introduced via a great variety of case studies taken from diverse practices. The course offers a math refresher to help those participants who are not (yet) involved in modelling on a daily basis. The emphasis is on providing an introduction into modelling approaches rather than an in-depth treatment of a few techniques and aims as such at a broad audience. The course is a mixture of theory sessions and computer practicals. During the practicals most of the time Matlab will be used. Participants not acquainted with Matlab will get an introduction. The course has to be completed with assignments in the form of practical exercises as homework afterwards.

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