Update from the BioSB board

As the BioSB board we, Barbara Bakker, Lodewyk Wessels and Jaap Heringa, are delighted to present to you the first edition of the newly branded BioSB newsletter, featuring our new logo as presented at the recent BioSB 2015 annual meeting. We hope that all of you who attended the annual meeting in Lunteren enjoyed it as much as we did. We are already gearing up for BioSB 2016 as some groups stepped forward offering to take the lead in organising next year’s annual meeting.

On the evening preceding BioSB 2015, we presented an update to the BioSB PI community on the development of the research school since its start in 2014. The Education Programme, which is up and running since 2014, was presented, as well as the various BioSB committees, for which we will recruit members in the coming period. We are thankful to Bas Teusink for accepting the role as chair of the Research committee, to Jaap Molenaar for continuing his work in BioSB education, now as chair of the Education Committee and to Marcel Reinders who accepted the role as chair of the Scientific Council. They are currently in the process of recruiting members for the three committees, but will be pleased to hear from anyone interested in helping to bring the BioSB research and education activities to fruition.

In addition, we presented a financial overview and discussed the new BioSB membership model and its benefits to prospective members. As becoming a paid member is part of the new reality after NBIC, NCSB and SB@NL, many different ideas came up as to how to fill in the details. However, we decided to adopt a fairly straightforward starting model which was embraced by the PIs as model for the coming period and a number of PIs became the first BioSB members. BioSB membership is open for subscription and we hope that many PhD students, postdocs and PIs will soon join the ranks of BioSB. Depending on the developments and growth of the BioSB membership population, we might find room for adaptations in the future, which we will discuss and implement following an open consultation process with the BioSB community.

For now, please become a BioSB member: As a PhD student you will enjoy free entry to the BioSB core and introductory courses, and all will be welcome to various thematic meetings and other community activities that we plan to set up. All of this is meant to ensure that Dutch bioinformatics and systems biology research & education will remain at the international forefront, empowered by a close-knit BioSB community.

NB: everyone who registered for the BioSB 2015 conference can become BioSB member with a reduced fee for 2015 (reduction of 150 euro)!

We hope you will enjoy reading the newsletter, but most of all that you will decide to become a BioSB member — We need your support, and together we will be able to bring many beautiful returns and a blossoming research school!

Barbara, Lodewyk and Jaap