Three upcoming courses of BioSB and BioSB partners: Personalized Medicine, Data Integration and Pattern Recognition

In the first months of the new year, we offer you several interesting courses. The first one, entitled O2 for Personalized Systems Medicine: from inspiration to aspiration is related to the systems-biology of individualized medicine and will be organized in Amsterdam on January 2015. In February 2015, the course Data Integration in the Life Sciences will cover the integration of diverse data sets in predictive and quantitative computational models. Aim of the five days course is to provide students with an overview of different types of data sets and data integration approaches, hands-on training in applying such approaches in selected case studies and insight into how such approaches may affect their individual research project. Finally, the fourth edition of the Pattern Recognition Course will take place in March 2015. After having followed this course, a student should have an overview of basic pattern recognition techniques and be able to recognize what method is most applicable to classification problems (s)he encounters in bioinformatics applications.