Opening seminar Maastricht Center for Systems Biology (MACSBio)

On September 26, 2014 the opening of the Maastricht Center for Systems Biology (MACSBio) will be celebrated with an opening seminar Systems Biology.

Two new major research programmes will be featured in the seminar programme:

  • SYSTOPP: SYStems biology approach TOwards targeted Personalized Prevention of chronic diseases in the ‘obese system’, led by Prof. Ilja Arts, and dr. Theo de Kok
  • NeuGenNet: A systems biology approach to model experience and disease-induced modifications in NEUral and GENetic NETworks, led by Prof. Elia Formisano, Dr. Ronald Westra, Prof. Peter de Weerd and Prof. Bert Smeets.

Among the many recent initiatives in and around Maastricht focusing on the interaction of technology, healthcare and entrepreneurship, the new Maastricht Center for Systems Biology (MaCSBio) stands out for both its innovative and its integrative approach. At Maastricht University and at MUMC+ there is a wealth of talent working in areas relevant to systems biology, spread over different research groups. In MaCSBio we will unify the expertise of three different faculties and strengthen our competences in multi-scale modeling.

The systems biology concept in Maastricht aims at facilitating the interaction between modeling and biological research. The interaction between the two domains (modeling and biology) will be achieved by the two new major research programmes that are now starting.

But of course the programme will not be limited to those two initiatives. We have found in Paolo Vineis (Imperial College, London: Faculty of Medicine, School of Public Health – Chair in Environmental Epidemiology) a more than excellent key-note speaker, and the session presented by SynerScope’s Dr. Danny Holten will give us insight in the world of interactive visualization by employing techniques used in the areas of information visualization, scientific visualization, and computer graphics and developed new techniques for visualizing software systems based on insight gained.

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MaCSBio is one of the eleven partners in the Netherlands Platform for Systems Biology (SB@NL) (see