Looking back at BioSB courses Comparative Genomics and AfBN

Two BioSB course recently were held: the 2nd edition of the Comparative Genomics course on 2-6 June 2014 in Amsterdam and the 3rd edition of Algorithms for Biological Networks course on June 30 – July 4 in Delft.

Comparative Genomics course – June 2-6, 2014

Picture Compgen courseThe Comparative Genomics Course, with the sub title ‘from evolution to function’ was again a success. The relatively small group of participants formed an enthusiastic group, with a real interest in the subjects, which resulted in a lot of questions during the lectures. The students obtained theory and learned a number of techniques to deduce functional clues from evolutionary patterns, and practiced these during hands-on sessions. Some seminal and contentious research papers were discussed by attack and defense teams, leading to quite lively discussions.

Algorithms for Biological Networks course – June 30 – July 4, 2014

AfBN fotoThe Algorithms for Biological Networks course was a busy one, with 18 participants. The background of all students was quite different, which resulted in interesting discussions  and many questions. Luckily, the setup of the course was intended to promote lots of  interaction so that students from different backgrounds could help each other with  specific parts of the course content. Despite the beautiful weather, the labwork – which was carried out at the very end of the day – was enthusiastically carried out till the late afternoon. Luckily, the last few hours on Friday were scheduled as a paper discussion, which could be moved to a more sunny location.

The overall feedback of the students has been very positive, confirming that algorithms for biological networks is an topic worth studying.

An overview of upcoming courses (co)organized by the BioSB research school can be found here. If you are interested in joining next editions of the courses mentioned above, you can register via the pre-registration form.


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