Wageningen Systems Biology Symposium on 2014 June 24

Systems Biology for Food, Feed and Health – From Gene to Ecosystem

This one-day, broad-scope symposium of the Wageningen Centre for Systems Biology (WCSB) will be held on 2014 June 24.

Several high level speakers will give keynotes, such as Pauline Hogeweg, a godmother of the Dutch SB field, Wim van der Putten (NIOO), addressing the ecological/community level, Johan van Leeuwen, presenting biomechanic concepts of swimming, and Dick de Ridder, the new bioinformatics chair holder at the WUR. This time the emphasis of the symposium is on presenting ongoing systems biology research in Wageningen.

Dates:          2014 June 24 (Tuesday)
Venue:         Hotel de Wageningsche Berg
Website:      www.wageningenur.nl/symposiumsystemsbiology
Contact:       Christian Fleck, christian.fleck@wur.nl

Systems biology covers and connects all biological levels of complexity. Often the focus is on the lower levels of cells and tissues. In this symposium some presentations will address the higher levels. The ecological/community level is addressed in a lecture by Wim van der Putten from NIOO (Dutch expertise centre for ecology), and the individual level is addressed in a presentation by Johan van Leeuwen on the biomechanic concepts of swimming. The newly appointed bioinformatics chair holder Dick de Ridder will explain how we can learn from data via a redesigning process.

The symposium also comprises a poster session to which everybody who is working in this field may contribute.

Everybody is welcome to the symposium. There is no fee but the number of places is limited to 100. So registration via the website www.wageningenur.nl/symposiumsystemsbiology is recommended.

The programme, featuring several well-known Dutch systems biologists, can also be viewed at the symposium website.