Systems Biology Symposium 2014 (SB@NL2014)

Systems biologist from the Benelux and Germany flock together in Maastricht on December 15-16, 2014.

After last year’s excellent SB@NL symposium, which served as a ‘kick-out’ to NCSB, we are happy to announce that SB@NL will continue this successful symposium series, which annual editions since 2009.

The SB@NL2014 symposium will be held in/around Maastricht on 2014 December 15-16 (Monday-Tuesday). It will be organised jointly by all ten SB@NL partners, which is fully reflected in the symposium committee composition: Ilja Arts (chair, MaCSBio, Maastricht), Ruud Boessen (MSB-TNO, Zeist), Bert Groen (SBC-EMA, Groningen), Jaap Heringa (Amsterdam), Roeland Merks (NISB, Amsterdam), Jaap Molenaar (WCSB, Wageningen), Richard Notebaart (CSBB, Nijmegen), Gert-Jan van Ommen (CMSB, Leiden), Marijana Radonjic (Utrecht), Natal van Riel (CBio, Eindhoven), Wilfred Röling (Amsterdam), Diman van Rossum (coordinator), Lodewyk Wessels (CSBC, Amsterdam), Hans Westerhoff (NISB, Amsterdam).

The careful reader will note that not only the number of SB@NL partners keeps on increasing; this year we are expanding in several directions.

Firstly, to celebrate the fact that the Dutch systems biology community has joined forces with the bioinformatics community in the new Netherlands Bioinformatics and Systems Biology research school (BioSB), a bioinformatics session will be part of the SB@NL2014 programme.

Secondly, we are making a move from a nation-wide symposium towards a European symposium: this year partners in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany will be invited to join the symposium.

And last but not least, we will also literally move towards Europe: SB@NL2014 will be held near to the three-country-point (NL-BE-DE) in the south-east corner of the Netherlands. The times they are a-changin…, but our aim remain the same: to bring together systems biologists and to showcase excellent research.

Contact: Diman van Rossum