International Study Group for Systems Biology meeting 2014

Following an exhilarating study group meeting in 2012 on the island of Ameland (NL), the next edition will be organised at the University of Durham (UK) under the title ‘From Cell to Organism’. This meeting is especially attractive for junior systems biologists.

Dates:       2014 September 02-05
Venue:      Durham University, UK

The trend and challenge of Systems Biology is to bridge the different scales of complexity. This timely topic has applications in various realms of biology, including human disease, ecology and biotechnology. The meeting welcomes Systems Biology contributions at different scales of complexity, but notably those that bridge between detailed, kinetic modelling and cell (population), tissue or body level. Moreover we welcome contributions that access these problems experimentally, theoretically, computationally or bridge between these three. There will be a special focus session about Ageing, nutrition and metabolism, a topic in which different scales and their relation are of utmost importance.

Keynote Speakers:
Boris Kholodenko (University College Dublin), Tom Kirkwood (Newcastle University), Stefan Schuster (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena), Christine Sers (Charité, Berlin).

Ageing and Systems Biology, Metabolic Pathways Modelling,Signalling Modelling, Multiscale Modelling, Software and Computational Methods.

Sushma Grellscheid (Durham University), Daryl Shanley (Newcastle University), Kathrin Thedieck (University of Groningen and University of Oldenburg), Anze Zupanic (EAWAG, Zurich).