BioSB Education Programme

The education programme is one of the essential ingredients of the BioSB research school. We are now in the process of shaping its education programme by moulding the bioinformatics and systems biology course portfolios together into one comprehensive programme.

Systems Biology Course Portfolio

The systems biology part of the BioSB programme is under construction. Currently, there a three web-based e-courses up and running: (1) Basic biology for non-biologists, (2) Basic modelling for biologists, and (3) Elementary calculus for systems biology. Plans for 2014 and beyond include (5-day) courses given annually: Systems Biology 1 and 2 in which the general principles of systems biology are systematically introduced and the students learn how to model.

The programme will be completed with a considerable number of advanced and special courses, that are given with a lower frequency and probably for restricted numbers of students. Typical examples are: Calibration and Validation of Predictive Models, Constraint Based Modelling, Stochastic Modelling, Multi-Scale Modelling, Systems Biology for Personalised Medicine, Data Integration in the Life Sciences, and Data and Model Management.
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Bioinformatics Course Portfolio

The full spectrum of the Bioinformatics courses originating from the NBIC PhD School has been transferred to and will be continued in BioSB. In 2014, two courses already have taken place: Metagenomics (2nd edition) and Comparative Genomics (2nd edition). Planned in June and July 2014 are Algorithms for Biological Networks and RNAseq.
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