Successful 2nd edition of the Metagenomics Applications and Data Analysis Course

mg_course1In spring 2014, the “Metagenomic Approaches and Data Analysis” course provided over thirty students from academia and industry with three days of hands-on experience using bioinformatic tools to analyze metagenomic data.

The workshops included taxonomic and functional annotations of metagenomic samples, metagenome assembly, and microbial network inference. 2014 was the second year the “Metagenomic Approaches and Data Analysis” course took place. This year, every participant received a personal miniature metagenomic analysis server in the form of a bootable USB stick with all the tools, software, and data presented during the workshops, that can be used and installed back home. The participants were generally pleased with the course contents and presentations. They particularly liked the session where the projects of the participants were plenary discussed.

The course was co-organized by the Netherlands Metagenomics Platform, the BioSB research school, and the AllBioinformatics consortium, and was hosted by Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen.