Quick guide for bringing bioinformatics to the general public and clinical audiences

In case you face the challenge of educating the general public or clinical audiences in bioinformatics and genomics you can now turn to the Quick Guide to Genomics and Bioinformatics Training for Clinical and Public Audiences which was recently published in PLoS Computational Biology. Here we published the results of the Education Workshop at ISMB2013 in Berlin, which was co-organized by Celia van Gelder from NBIC.

In her talk “What should everyone know about bioinformatics?” Hienke Sminia (NBIC) gave tips & trics for organizing activities at exhibits to educate the general public. The most important message is that the general public does not exist: each audience has its own questions and interests. In her prezi-presentation she demonstrates how she tunes the outreach activities of NBIC to the various audiences at exhibits. Hienkes talk was summarized in a great cartoon by Jennifer Cham.