DREAM Challenge competition

Have your systems biology skills challenged and trained by participating in the famous Dream Challenge Competition.

DREAM pictureSince a couple of years the DREAM (Dialogue on Reverse Engineering Assessment and Methods) project launches so-called ‘Dream Challenges’ with the aim to advance the field of systems biology. In this endeavour, teams from all over the world compete in answering realistic open questions within a given time window. By now this competition is widely acknowledged as a highly stimulating tool to train staff members. The ultimate goal, beyond the competitive aspect of the challenges, is to foster collaborations of like-minded researchers that together will find the solution of vexing problems. By presenting the research community with well-formulated questions that usually involves complex data, the sharing and improvement of predictive models is effectively enhanced, accelerating many-fold the analysis of such data.

Challenges focus on themes that are highly relevant in systems biology and already attract much attention in the literature. That’s why this competition forms an ideal occasion to test and compare newly developed methodology. The organisers usually compare the applied methods and results in a review paper, that in a natural way serves as a state-of-the-art review.

Challenges usually runs during the summer season. In 2013 the following three challenges have been launched: Breast Cancer Network Inference, Toxicogenetics, and, Whole-Cell Parameter Estimation. Also this year, Dream and Sage Bionetworks launch three challenges of which the information may be found at www.synapse.org/#!Challenges:DREAM.