AIMMS – first course on systems biology for personalised medicine

First course on systems biology for personalised medicine was ‘awesome’!

On January 30-31 2014, the Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems (AIMMS) held one of the first courses on personalised medicine that linked molecules to patients. Around hands-on in silico tutorials on genome-wide metabolic maps, molecular structures, dynamic modelling, and network-based drug design, 25 participants intensively discussed how to put personalised, stratified and individualised (n=1) medicine in place. The tutorials were introduced by lecturers as diverse as Barbara Bakker (Medical Systems Biology, UMCG), Angela Brand (Public Health Genomics, Maastricht), Marijana Radonjic (Systems & Network Biology, TNO), Gaston Remmers (Patient Advocates), Nico Vermeulen (Molecular Toxicology, AIMMS), Bob van de Water (Toxicology, Leiden) and Hans Westerhoff (Systems Biology, AIMMS Amsterdam/Manchester). Molecules, pathways, patients and policy makers were discussed by participants ranging from graduate student to staff and from modeller to general practitioner. Most felt that they cannot wait ‘for this stuff to be applied’ and ‘to bring science back to where it matters’.

IAMMSThis course will develop into a full-fledged BioSB course.

by: Hans V. Westerhoff (course leader)