Two course open for registration: RNAseq and Protein Structures

Registration is now possible for the following two courses:

  • Course “RNA-seq data analysis”, 31 October – 1 November, Leiden
    The third edition of this RNAseq course will consist of seminars and hands-on command line, Galaxy and R practicals and will focus on data preprocessing, quality control, alignment, visualization and statistics for differential transcript expression. Examples will be taken from human and mouse studies.
  • Course “Protein Structures:  production, prowess, power, promises, and problems”, 4 – 8 November 2013, Nijmegen
    Knowledge of the protein structures is a pre-requisite for rational drug design, for biotechnology, for chemical biology, and for answering a whole series of biomedical questions. In this course Gert Vriend and colleagues will discuss the ‘production’ of protein structures by NMR, X-ray, and homology modelling.

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